Norwegian Welcomes the Cake Boss Onboard


If you’re a fan of reality TV or someone who just loves cake, you’re probably familiar with “Cake Boss,” TLC’s reality show about Buddy Valastro and his bakery. Following up on the immense success of his bakery and television shows—his other is called “Next Great Baker—Valastro decided to expand his line of bakeries in a whole new direction, partnering with Norwegian Cruise Lines to take his Carlo’s Bake Shop out to sea.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago at all that Buddy and NCL formed their partnership and opened up the first two Carlo’s Bake Shop locations on Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Breakaway. However, passengers enjoyed all of Valastro’s delicious desserts so much that NCL has recently begun expanding to offer these same sweet treats on all of their ships within the near future.

Along with Getaway and Breakaway, these same Carlo’s Bake Shop desserts are now already available on an additional five ships—Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Gem and Norwegian Dawn—and will soon spread to the rest of the fleet well before the end of 2014.  This means that there is even more reason for those with a sweet tooth to choose Norwegian, after all, where else can you both treat yourself to an immense, all you can eat chocolate lovers buffet and get to try some of the amazing desserts you continually dream about every time you watch Buddy on “Cake Boss.”

Where to Find Carlo’s Bake Shop?

If you’re going to be taking a cruise either Getaway or Breakaway, you’ll easily find Carlo’s Bake Shop shown directly on the ship’s directory. However, due to space constraints and a variety of other reasons, Norwegian isn’t actually going to put a real Carlo’s Bake Shop location on any of their existing ships. Now, this isn’t to say that the ship they currently have under construction—Norwegian Escape—won’t feature a Carlo’s.

Still, if you want to taste any of those delicious desserts and you’re not on one of these two ships, you’ll have to settle for eating them in either the ship’s Atrium or Java Café’s, or you could always get them wrapped up to go and eat them wherever else you please.

By this time you know where you can get to try all of Buddy Valastro’s famous desserts of your dreams, but if you haven’t seen the show, you may not know exactly what to expect. So here’s a hint—imagine fresh cannolis with just the right amount of sweet cream filling (one of Carlo’s Bake Shop’s most famous specialties); fantastic, authentic cookies just like a little Italian grandma would make; a myriad of different cupcakes, from inventive new creations to classic favorites; and what Italian dessert shop could be complete without a delicate, tasty tiramisu. Still, this is just the tip of the iceberg, so you’ll really have to stop by when you’re aboard to truly appreciate it all.

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