Travel Protection, Is it Really Necessary?


Let’s face it, cruises aren’t cheap. Many people save up for months or even years to pay for the cruise of their dreams. Unfortunately, the majority of this same group of people don’t opt for travel protection, which sometimes turns out to be a big mistake.

When booking a Norwegian cruise, you can easily add travel protection for as little as $29 per passenger. The actual price is dependent on the total cost of the sailing. The BookSafe Travel Protection Plan can also be purchased up until your final payment date. So, in most cases, this gives you more time to think about it.

The insurance covers:

·     trip cancellation

·     trip interruption

·     medical expenses and emergency medical transportation

·     trip and baggage delays

·     lost luggage


In addition, you have access to a 24-hour hotline which offers travel assistance from anywhere in the world. This includes answering questions about passports, medical referrals, transferring cash in the event of an emergency, legal representation referrals and more.

No one is immune from accidents or emergency situations. Unfortunately, either can happen at any time. If you don’t have trip protection, you’ll lose out on your investment. There honestly is no way around it.

Consider the following scenarios:

·     It’s two days before your cruise. You’re doing laundry for the trip. You slip down the basement steps and break your ankle, which makes it impossible for you to sail.

·     A week before you’re due to depart, one of the members of your travel party is involved in an automobile accident. Everyone decides it would be better to wait until you can all cruise together as original planned.

If you have insurance, in both of these cases, you won’t have anything to worry about. Simply file a claim and everyone will receive a refund for the majority of the cruise fare paid.

Should you get ill or become injured, while on the cruise, the policy also covers  medical-related expenses for up to one year after you return.


It is possible that you already have similar coverage from another source. However, it should be noted that most standard health insurance policies don’t cover you outside of the U.S. It’s up to you to do your homework and decide which choice is best for you.


Another great benefit of this insurance is job loss coverage. Provided you’ve been with your employer for at least 12 months, you can file a claim along with proper documentation to request a refund for an any penalties, which have been assessed by the cruise line. An insurance adjuster will review your information and notify you promptly with a decision.


In a nutshell, BookSafe covers you before, during and after the cruise. If your reason for cancellation is not covered under the plan, you still receive a 75% cruise credit that is good toward future sailing.


Yes it’s true, the majority of cruisers who pay for travel protection don’t use it. But, at the same time, it’s definitely worth your consideration. Even though you’ll be paying a little more overall, you have to decide whether it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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