Your Cruise Concierge on the Go- Norwegian’s Innovative iConcierge App

NCL iConcierge

Norwegian has long been recognized as one of the major innovators of the cruise industry—with their spacious, fully loaded ships and freestyle cruising concept gaining them a glowing reputation from critics and cruise-goers alike—and they’ve recently done it again with the announcement that they’re planning on taking their popular iConcierge smartphone app to even more ships in the fleet by the end of this year.

First found only on Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Breakaway, NCL rolled out this popular, all-encompassing app on their newest ship—Norwegian Getaway—in March, 2014 and now plan on adding it to at least a few additional vessels by the end of the year. In addition, they will also include this exciting technology on their two newest ships—Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Bliss—when they finally launch.

Your Entire Cruise Calendar in the Palm of Your Hand

If you’ve never taken on a cruise on Epic or Breakaway, then you’re probably not familiar with the iConcierge and likely want to know what it can do. Well, truth be told, it would probably be easier to tell you what you can’t do with it. Simply put, this free app gives you access to anything and everything you could ever need during your cruise.

iConcierge allows you to directly interact with the ship’s onboard systems, meaning you can make reservations for dinner or a show, book excursions, order room service, review your room folio and a whole lot more. The app also features a continually updated Freestyle Daily, the ship’s onboard newspaper and activity guide, so you can plan your day on the go. Of course, if you should happen to get lost trying to find your way back to your room or anywhere else on the ship, there’s always a convenient map of the ship to help you find your way.

Find Your Friends or Family in an Instant

Another great feature of the iConcierge app is that for a small fee, the app also provides a feature where passengers will receive free calling and texting to any other smartphone on the ship that also has the app. What this means is that you’ll never again have to struggle making plans to meet somewhere or have to worry if your activity ran late, as you’ll always be able to call whoever you’re travelling with.

In addition, the app also has one final feature that lets passengers stay in touch with those they left on land behind them, as there’s a dedicated 1-800 number that can be used to call from the ship to anywhere in the world or for them to call you. While this calling feature isn’t free, the cost per minute is usually pretty low depending on where the other party is located.

Although they’ve yet to announce the exact timetable for when the app will be available on each ship, if you’re lucky enough to cruise on a ship that has it, iConcierge will easily be one of the most useful apps you’ve ever had.

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